I set up Your Pilates in order to offer  high quality private tuition in Pilates matwork as well as Pregnancy and Post natal Pilates in St. Albans and the surrounding areas.

Your Pilates sessions will challenge you both mentally and physically. Your programme will be designed to find balance within your muscular system and to integrate mind and body to create new movement patterns that will work more efficiently. I am qualified with the Pilates Foundation and continue to take part in regular workshops to further my professional development.


I believe Pilates is for everyone!!

Pilates improves posture, mobility, flexibility and strengthens your core. Classes can compliment current training or rehabilitate you from injury. Pilates can be used as a safe and beneficial form of exercise to help with the following conditions: frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia, slipped discs, sacroiliac problems, sciatica, whiplash, rheumatoid arthritis and general back pain – as well as much more! I will look at each person as an individual instead of giving generic programmes that could be done by anyone.


Grace trained extensively with the Pilates Foundation in both mat and machine based Pilates and she strives to give people real knowledge and understanding about their bodies and optimise movement patterns. The Pilates “classic repertoire” can be useful for some but her unique ideas offer variations on this so that you get what you really need out of the classes. While remaining true to the fundamentals of the work, Grace is influenced by the latest research and somatic patterning ideas that give you the Pilates method and more!!

“I have been practising Pilates myself for 13 years, having discovered it when recovering from  a back injury that threatened my career as a dancer. I fully credit the Pilates method with my recovery from injury and believe Pilates is a fantastic support method for other forms of exercise. I have enjoyed working with athletes including dancers, basketball players and runners alongside my more remedial approach to the Pilates method. I specialise in working remedially and have had great success in rehabilitating disc issues, sacro iliac problems, unexplained back pain, scoliosis and shoulder injuries. In the last 3 years I have begun to focus more specifically on pregnancy and postnatal issues and have gained vast experience in working with diastasis recti, PGP, SPD and many other complications that can occur before and after birth.

My training included all of the classic Pilates repertoire as well as ‘pre-Pilates’, somatic theory and anatomy and I attended workshops in Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method.

When I finished my training in 2010, I spent 2 years working at various Pilates studios while setting up Your Pilates to introduce my own classes across London. I passed the Pilates Foundation pre and postnatal exam in 2010 and set up postnatal classes in Islington which led to the growth of Your Pilates throughout London. Since having a baby of my own and moving to St. Albans in 2014 I am looking forward to setting up Pilates classes in hertfordshire and have already began to give private Pilates classes in the area. I am constantly studying and am also a fully qualified pregnancy yoga teacher, which I incorporate into my work with pregnant women. I am fully insured and hold a current First Aid certificate. I am also a member of the Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal exercise instructors.

I teach in a unique fashion, tailoring classic Pilates exercises to suit individual needs. I believe that Pilates is for everyone; whether you are a sports person who wants to improve your performance, a pregnant woman who is experiencing pain, if you are recovering from injury or have never exercised before, I can develop a programme that will challenge and reward you.”