I set up Your Pilates in order to offer  high quality private Pilates tuition in St. Albans and the surrounding areas. I specialise in working with pregnant and postnatal women and have set up postnatal Pilates group classes in St Albans.

Your Pilates sessions will challenge you both mentally and physically. Your programme will be designed to find balance within your muscular system and to integrate mind and body to create new movement patterns that will work more efficiently.



Grace trained with the Pilates Foundation in both mat work and machine work at Laban in 2010 and completed her specialist training in Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates with Rachel Rafiefar later that year. This began her interest in working with women at this pivotal time in their lives and she has gone on to train further with those leading the pre and postnatal industry such as Janet Balaskas, Carolyne Anthony and Nadia Narain. Workshops attended have included Active Birth, Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Dysfunction, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, the Pelvic Floor, Pregnancy Yoga and Nutrition for Postnatal Healing.

With the knowledge she has accumulated from her continuous professional development, her experience with postnatal women and her own body after having 2 children, Grace has developed her own programme of teaching techniques to improve abdominal function and Diastasis Recti in postnatal women. She has worked successfully with many women with Pelvic Girdle Pain both pre and postnatally. She has also successfully rehabilitated sciatica, sacro-iliac joint problems, disc issues and general back pain in the pre and postnatal period. In 2017 she was asked by the Pilates Foundation to teach a postnatal workshop at the Pilates Foundation AGM, alongside her fantastic colleague, Anja Schall. The workshop was based around supporting mums through the fourth trimester and led to Grace and Anja writing a full weekend workshop of learning to allow Pilates teachers to specialise in pregnancy and postnatal Pilates. T