May 3

Ryan Giggs and Pilates!

A few weeks ago when Ryan Giggs had just played brilliantly for Manchester United, the commentators were discussing him after the game and one of them credited his great form with the fact that he does Pilates. It just shows the amazing versatility within the method and I really hope with sportsmen like Giggsy getting involved it will encourage more men to join it.

I work with lots of men already but most of them come to rehabilitate injuries and it would be great to see more men supporting their gym/football/running sessions with good core strength and understanding of movement. I am currently training a guy who is running a marathon at the end of this month and it has been brilliant for his running technique. Check out an interview with Ryan Giggs on the following link.


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  1. Simon Piccirillo says:

    Hello I am just inquiring about the pilates classess on Monday and Thursday.

    Are they drop in classess? I do have some experiene with pilates having done it for about a year on and off but mostly equipment based.



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