Private Tuition


It may be beneficial for you to have one to one sessions instead of attending group classes. I offer these personalised classes in St Albans, Harpenden and the surrounding area. One to one classes can really address the specific issues in your body and can be invaluable in the benefits that they bring to give you a healthy and pain free lifestyle.

If you are pregnant, rehabilitating an injury, if you want to work at your own pace and receive more individual tuition, or if you want someone to come to your house when the kids are in bed and you can finally have some “me time”, all you need to do is call or email for advice on the best way to proceed.


Private classes are a great way to start off with Pilates, to really learn the correct technique and develop a better understanding of your body. You will be given a postural analysis and we will talk through your medical history and your aims and objectives. We will establish goals together and design an individual programme that will be re-assessed and developed every lesson to give you the optimum benefit from the sessions.

You will be given a personalised practice plan that we will add to and change continuously.
Private tuition can increase motivation and understanding of Pilates and make it easier to achieve your goals.

I charge £75 per class for individual tuition with discounts for blocks of 5 classes (£325) or 10 (£600). For 2 or more people please contact me for prices.

Please contact me for more information about private classes.