I have worked with a huge range of people from pensioners to marathon runners to dancers from the West End but more recently I have specialised increasingly in pregnancy and postnatal work. I will come up with a programme that suits you and gives you what you need from the classes. I will always listen to what you have to say.

But don’t just take my word for it: take a look at what some of my clients have said….


“I started working with Grace after my first baby. I was very out of shape, had undergone a c-section and was struggling with lots of body pains and problems. Straight away I was impressed by her depth of knowledge and expertise in post natal issues and how to tailor sessions to target my specific issues.

Her sessions soon had an impact on helping me drastically improve my challenging body issues and restore my core, as well as helping me relax.
I couldn’t be without Grace’s Pilates now and I’m currently enjoying pregnancy Pilates with her. I know that my postnatal body second time round will recover much quicker this time!
Don’t hesitate to join her classes, she’s very talented and most other Pilates teachers won’t compare!”

Laura, 2017

“I started taking Pilates classes with Grace a year ago. More recently, I also began taking individual classes.

The classes are in a small group and Grace always teaches in a constructive and encouraging way. The individual classes are very flexible and a good compliment to the classes. Grace is always very positive and puts together a class specifically for my needs and body which I really appreciate. After every class I always feel worked out and filled with new energy.

Grace’s enthusiasm and commitment to Pilates’ instruction is second to none. Through the work I do with her in mat-based classes and one-to- one sessions, I have learnt huge amounts about my own body and how to keep it healthy. She knows exactly what level to take me to and I always feel that I have achieved something. She is patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable and the qualities that she brings to every session make Pilates a joy to do.”
Asha Patel, 2013

“When I started doing Pilates I was in a lot of pain and discomfort and was very weak. The way my body feels has definitely changed – my pelvic floor and abdominals are stronger. After less than 10 classes I have less of intense pain ( 5-6/10 not as before 8-9/10) and I am more flexible.

I have done Pilates before, with five different teachers, thinking that people want to honestly help. But now, comparing with Grace’s sessions I think I wasted my time and money before. Grace is there with me every second of my movement correcting and checking my posture constantly, making sure all the time that the bespoke exercises are comfortable to my needs. She understand exactly my problem with posture and injuries. With no hesitation, she is the best Pilates teacher and it would be very difficult to find another one like her!”

Helena Game, Mum of 2, 2013

“I had been doing Pilates for many years but my regular class had closed down, and I also needed to drop down a level from an intermediate class as I was experiencing some injuries and issues. I am very pleased indeed that I found Grace.

Grace took time to find out about my injuries and issues and has always paid individual attention to those during classes. Within the restrictions of my issues I have always felt reassured that I can still get the most out of Pilates safely under Grace’s instruction.

I’ve always been lucky to have good teachers, but I found Grace at a time when my body had numerous issues and I feel she has been fantastic with this, and I’ve felt reassured and in very good hands! Grace picked up on something other teachers haven’t – a particular type of movement I should not have been doing – again giving me more reassurance.”

Sue Freeman, Your Pilates for Everyone group class member, 2013