I have worked with a huge range of people from pensioners to marathon runners to dancers from the West End but more recently I have specialised increasingly in pregnancy and postnatal work. I will come up with a programme that suits you and gives you what you need from the classes. I will always listen to what you have to say.

But don’t just take my word for it: take a look at what some of my clients have said….


“After a few months without exercise I was feeling unfit and stiff but didn’t want to undertake any high impact exercise or join a gym.

I work all day on the computer and so worry about my posture and occasional symptoms of RSI.

Pilates gives me a sense of well-being as well as putting everything in its right place. I almost float out of class! If it were possible, I’d do a daily class with Grace. My core feels strong and I’m much more aware of my body and my posture. Grace always asks the class if there are things they’d like to focus on, so if I have a stiff neck, say, she will include exercises designed to relieve it, which I can then use at home if I need to.

Grace’s classes were my first experience with Pilates. I’ve tried other classes since but have yet to find an instructor who gives such personal attention or has such a holistic approach.”

Lindsey Clarke, Your Pilates for Everyone group class member, 2013

“Grace has taught me many things and untaught me many things as well! First of all she has taught me to relax into the exercises, which is very soothing and enjoyable as well as effective.

She has and continues to teach me the crucial nature of correct alignment without which the exercises exacerbate problems. She has taught me how to keep my neck relaxed when doing exercises. As a consequence of this work, my body feels much more flexible, better aligned and much less likely to go into spasms of any kind. My many aches and pains are diminishing. My headaches are much more controllable and occasionally I manage to nip them in the bud. I also find walking and other activities less likely to cause headaches.

My main problem when I started working with Grace was severe headaches and migraines and the fact that every exercise I made in Pilates or walking made my neck seize up further adding to the problem and not reducing it. I also have tight hips and a knee that can become inflamed and sore.

Above all since working with Grace the migraines are fewer despite all manner of challenges (stressful work, too much screen work, the very hot summer etc). Above all, Grace has given me a sense of control over the headaches and stress and has made it easier for me to do and enjoy the exercises on my own as part of my daily routine. I have a way to go to unlearn the bad habits of a life time, but I feel I am well along the path. This is a huge step forward.

Grace is simply the teacher who has unlocked the vicious circle of migraine and stress headaches by her gentleness and her ability to use her gift of intuition as well as technical knowledge. She is very flexible and very aware of every movement as well as having solutions to every body’s idiosyncrasies. In other words her flexibility and empathy enable her to listen and adapt to her clients’ individual needs. With many previous teachers, I found that they were inclined to try to make my body fit their system or rules rather than the other way round. This rigidity did not work for me and as time went by in the past made it almost impossible for me to do a session without getting a headache. She also seems able to keep her watchful eye on every movement made even in a class of more than one person.”

Susie, CAB worker, 2013

“After the birth of my 2nd child I was having great difficulty with my body. My knees experienced great pain walking up stairs and my arms ached almost constantly from carpal tunnel syndrome.

It was certainly having an impact on my enjoyment of those first few months of new motherhood. Grace was amazing and really ‘listened’ to my body and the problems I was experiencing with it and by watching me perform some of the exercises, had some fantastic insights as to what was going on and how to rectify the problems I was experiencing. By practising the exercises that Grace gave me my carpal tunnel has pretty much disappeared. My knees are much stronger and no longer feel like they are going to collapse when I put weight on them climbing stairs. I feel so much stronger.

Apart from the obvious changes mentioned above I think that doing regular classes with Grace has changed the way that I do things overall. I now engage my core muscles when lifting things and climbing stairs for example. I think I have a better connection with my body – in that I do things with a mindfulness about what muscles I am using that I didn’t have before.

I have attended Pilates classes before as part of gym memberships. When I started with Grace I quickly realised that I had not actually been doing Pilates properly at all. She has an extremely visual way of explaining to you exactly what muscle you should be using which is fantastic. Often it is such a tiny movement and such an under used part of your musculature that in other classes I don’t think I knew what they were wanting us to do and just copied the movement. In Grace’s classes it hurts! You know you are doing things properly because you can feel it during the class, the next day and in the weeks to come as you find your body becoming much more user friendly.”

Laryssa Nyrvana, Office manager and Mum to 18 month old, 2013

“When I was 22 weeks pregnant I had been doing yoga twice a week, but started to feel my fitness levels were suffering and I had lower back pain from my growing belly. When I started Pilates with Grace my back pain disappeared and I felt energised and relaxed.

Pilates helped me stay limber and kept my posture in check, I therefore felt extremely good throughout my pregnancy and was able to stay active right up to labour day. My body felt healthier and stronger – labour is like running a marathon and you need to be adequately prepared, Pilates strengthened my body and in turn prepared me for the birth.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I credit Grace with helping me achieve a healthy pregnancy and prepare for an active labour and a home birth. Grace is a fantastic teacher, she takes the time to understand your individual needs, pregnancy aches and pains, and never pushes you past what your growing body can handle. I’m now looking forward to my remedial lessons and getting back into shape with Grace post baby.”
Lindy Staadecker, architecture student and new mum :) , 2012